Why Do I Have To Clean My Roof?

Wouldn’t it be great if you found out that you really didn’t need a new roof, and you didn’t have to take out that 2nd mortgage after all to replace it?

Would you be excited if you were told you only needed a professional soft wash roof cleaning to remove the discoloration and dark streaks on your roof to make it look like new again?

With the help of our professional Orlando roof cleaningcompany, you can prolong and extend the life of your unattractive and discolored roof all while making it look brand new again!

There are several contributing factors that cause your roof to be cleaned. In this post, we’ll cover several different reasons why your roof should be cleaned. The main reason is simply due to the fact that our roofs last much longer than ever before here in Florida.

That’s the good news. If you need your roof cleaned, it may be the lesser of two evils. In other words, if you didn’t have the option of cleaning, you most likely would be paying a lot more money to replace it entirely.

Advancements in technology, roofing materials & manufacturing process

Roof Cleaning in Orlando, FL

Shingles used to have a 20 year maximum warranty. The most common and popular shingle 30 years ago was what was referred to as a “3 tab” shingle. They laid very flat, were very thin and if you got 12 to 15 years out of it on a low pitch roof, here in the Sunshine State you were very fortunate.

Todays most common shingle is what is referred to as a “archictectural” shingle. It’s also sometimes referred to as “3d” because it is much more thicker with multiple stacked layers so it last a lot longer. Not to mention it also looks a lot better, too. These types of shingles can last as much as 50% longer in the same situation as a 3 tab.

Today, the modern shingle warranty is commonly 30 years, and some are as much as 40 years or more.

Orlando Shingle Roof Cleaning

Shingle roofs in Orlando did not last long enough to get as dirty as you see them nowadays. They were simply replaced before they got cleaned.

Tile roofs on the other hand last as long as 50 years and are becoming increasingly more popular in our inland counties than they ever were. Tile roofs in Florida were originally predominantly only on the coast and/or South Florida. They were primarily used for protection against hurricanes and wind driven rain.

They have become very popular inland and specifically in the Orlando area. Many apartment and condo buildings are now built with tile roofs. There are also many new homes that are using tile roofs, and most shopping centers have tile accents.

Tile roof cleaning in Orlando is an important job to make the life of your roof last longer.

Architectural “up”grades and improvements

Orlando, FL Shingle Roof Cleaning

When you think about it and look back, the change in roof architecture in Florida has gone through various stages. There have been some very dramatic changes in the last 100 years — especially over the last 40 or 50 years.

Tin or metal roofs were more common 100 years ago. “Built up” or gravel roofs were all the rage 50 years ago. Flat and very low pitched roofs were very common in Florida in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. But homeowners, builders and architects have all demanded a more attractive alternative and a roof with a higher pitch to it.

So, what we have now are more visible roofs as our roofs have “grown up” from the simple flat or 1 or 2% pitch upwards to as high as a 45% pitch. The higher pitch roof shingle last longer than a flat roof. But it also is more visible, and its esthetics now come more into play.

In Florida, we all have to deal with the high humidity, moisture and heat. Mold and mildew is the end result of all that heat and moisture. When it comes to the dark streaks appearing on your roof, the technical term for that algae is Gloeocapsa Magma.

Orlando, FL Roof Cleaning

Mold and Mildew is common here in Florida. Nearly all paint manufacturers and roofing manufacturers recognize this and add algaecide/fungicide additives and chemicals as a combative component to almost all of their products.

Even our shingle manufacturers add a algaecide/fungicide granule to shingles to combat it. These componets can only do so much.

As the paint job or roof ages, the combative effect diminish and disappear altogether at some point.

That’s where we come in. If we low pressure clean your roof, we guarantee it will be as clean as a new roof when we are done.

Can I clean my roof by myself?

Sure you can. If you have the time, energy and are not afraid of ladders or heights. You have to also make sure you have no adverse reactions or allergies to harsh chemicals. If you try to do it yourself, we promise you won’t find it as easy as you think it is. We thought it was easy the first time we did it too.

After 20 years of providing Orlando roof cleaning, we are still on the lookout for better ways, safer chemicals and more reliable equipment to get the job done safely and quickly.

We have expensive equipment that is specialized to make it look a lot easier than it really is. We have been doing this for a long time, and there is a big learning curve in what we do. Not to mention all the different hazards.

Our roof cleaning process and technology has also improved and advanced over the last 20 years. We use the best equipment money can buy. This allows us to use a low pressure, soft washing technology cleaning process that won’t harm or damage your shingle or tile roof. It also won’t hurt your plants or landscaping.

It relies on a biodegradable, sweet smelling mixture of chemicals we have perfected over those 20 years that we like to call our “honey.” Our honey does the work for us by killing and neutralizing the mold, mildew and algae that is growing on your roof which causes the black streaks and discoloration.

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