Orlando Roof Sealing | Roof Sealing in Orlando, FL

Orlando Roof Sealing

Sealing your Orlando roof is one of our most popular products and one of the most economically smart decisions you can make to protect and extend the life of your roof. By sealing your roof, it will pay for itself over time because it can be great preventative maintenance to eliminate the need for costly annual roof cleaning expenses. Plus, we give a 5 year warranty if we use our premium roof sealer system.

If your roof is at least 8 years old after we clean your roof, the next best service we can provide you is to seal it.

FACT: Approximately 50% of the customers we clean roofs for either need to or elect to paint or seal their roof.

We offer a variety of coatings for restoration of tile, single and even metal roofs. Would you like to change the color of your roof or save energy with a highly reflective coating on your tile or flat roof? We can even use a clear waterproofing sealer in a natural, satin or wet look sealer.

Clear roof sealers for roofs are great for all types of tile roofs to extend life, enrich and revive dull and fading color on concrete tiles. It is also a sound choice for waterproofing on clay tile, slate and cedar shake roofs. Orlando roof sealing comes in many varieties and price points to fit your budget.

If you have any questions regarding roof coatings, sealer, paint, or our warranty, give us a call at 407.256.8610 or you can contact us online to set up a free estimate.

If you need more than just an Orlando roof cleaningA-1 Quality Painting (our parent company) has over 25 years experience in paints and coatings for roofs.