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Orlando Roof Staining

Acrylic house paints or solid color stains should never be used on a roof. We only use the correct type of roof coatings when it comes to your roof. Whether your roof is a metal standing seam, concrete tile, barrel tile or cedar shake roof, we will use the proper paint or sealant.

When painting a house, it does not have that many variables. Our parent company specializes in residential and commercial painting. The UV rays from the sun and the water from the rain and moisture in the air requires high performance roof coatings to be used on your roof.

This is not common information and something easily missed. That is why it is important to get the best available professionals for your roof staining job.

Roof staining is great for older aged concrete tiles that are not “color thru” and have light to moderate color loss and showing noticeable bare concrete spots.

We use high quality materials and stains that are the most effective finishes for your roof. A-1 Quality Roof Cleaning and Restoration uses penetrating, semi-transparent stains. The stains we use provide color while still maintaining the original color and appearance of the roof’s texture.

We use our own custom proprietary stain blends that accent the natural 2 or 3 tone colors present in modern tiles that came on the market 15 to 20 years ago. We like the original look of these multi color blended tiles and actually prefer to preserve the HIGH – Lights and LOW – Lights they originally came with.

In most cases this is a time tested standard staining procedure. Other times its a highly customized process, tested and perfected over the past 20 years. Its probably the closet we get to art, and we even surprise our selves sometimes when it comes out looking amazing and with a nearly original color end result.

The goal here is to restore the original color only brighter, better and richer. As opposed to a solid straight paint color. Its basically the closest thing to faux painting for roofs as you can get.

Stains are different then paint too, as there is no chance of peeling. The stain simply soaks in. This way the look of your roof is only added to, never subtracted from.

Our materials are chosen to last and withstand the tough elements of Florida weather. UV rays can break down the color and binding agents that hold the finish together. Most roof staining services that we supply are materials to protect from water damage and harmful UV rays.

We work with you to choose the best stain for your job. We are very knowledgeable about what works best with what type of roof materials. Our expert roof restoration team also uses high quality sprayers to properly saturate all reachable areas.

Roof staining is a great preventative measure and another way to ensure you don’t have to completely replace your roof any time soon.

Let us help you get your job done right the first time. If you would like to prolong the life of your roof, add curb appeal to your home or have any other questions please call our expert team today at 407.256.8610 or contact usonline to set up a free estimate.