Industrial Roof Cleaning in Winter Park

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No matter what type of company you own, if you have a Winter Park industrial building that is an essential part of your business, then industrial roof cleaning should become a top priority for a wide variety of reasons. It is all too common that both new and experienced business owners focus all of their energy into running their business but spend very little time thinking about the building they require for their operations. Most business owners notice when a light goes out in their sign or when the bricks on the façade of the building are looking worn out. Corrections and replacements are made right away. However, roof problems tend to come as a surprise and the only warning or sign that reminds people to think about their roof is the onset of a leak. Of course, roof cleaning cannot make a leak go away. Industrial roof cleaning services in Winter Park are preventative and certainly extend the life of the roof, but they cannot make a hole in your roof disappear. The roof is often neglected because taller buildings with a flat roof, which represent the majority of industrial buildings, don’t show obvious signs of being dirty when looking at the building from the ground. Below are a few key reasons why you should consider having your industrial roof cleaned at least once per year.

Maintain Your Building

One of the major reasons to keep the roof of your building in good shape through regular cleanings is the fact that a clean building is also a well-maintained building. Customers and potential clients will always look more favorably upon a modern and clean looking building over one that has damage or that looks like it has not been taken care of for a considerable amount of time. Once a roof starts leaking, damage spreads to your paint and interior walls and can make a building look shabby very quickly. It can definitely give your clients a bad impression of your company. Even if the paint isn’t showing signs of damage yet, the entire building will develop a musty smell as water slowly seeps through a roof that has been allowed to fall apart. Through regular industrial roof cleaning, any required preventative maintenance can be pointed out and managed before damage to the structure of the building is able to start. This is especially true in humid and rainy climates such as Winter Park, since a leak in the roof means that a considerable amount of water will be able to infiltrate the building. During the windy season, branches and debris might be left on your roof and if left unchecked can contribute to the growth of mold and algae, both of which will discolor your roof and can damage the roofing material at the same time.

Meet Industrial Guidelines

Depending on the industry that you are using your industrial building for, it can be very important to meet certain industrial guidelines in order to continue running your business in a profitable manner. When certain guidelines are not met, an inspector can shut down your business until the problem is fixed and in some very severe cases the reason for your shutdown may become public. Negative publicity about your company is never conducive to attracting new clients and growing your business, so it is best to avoid any such problem. Professional industrial roof cleaning companies are familiar with many of the requirements for businesses in the food industry, among others, and are familiar with state laws regarding the use of chemical washes for your industrial roof. For example, food companies will most definitely be shut down if water leaks in the roof are anywhere near the food production area or if mold is growing in the walls as a result of a significant leak in the roofing material. The lost income and negative chatter from employees and the media in the event of such a shutdown would cost substantially more than investing in at least one roof cleaning per year.

Your Investment

Last but not least, Winter Park industrial roof cleaning is an excellent way to protect the investment that you have made in your building. Industrial buildings are not cheap to buy and can be very expensive when it comes to repairs as there is such a large area to work with and construction can negatively affect the income that the building can produce by interfering with operations. By having annual roof cleanings done by professionals that can provide records of the services, the warranty of your roofing material is protected. For example, if a roof hasn’t been cleaned in five years but starts to leak, a twenty-year warranty can be disregarded because the roof will be deemed to have been neglected. This is truly an unfortunate situation, since a replacement roof over a large industrial building will be very costly and could have been avoided for a small yearly fee. Also, should your business decide to sell the industrial building and move on to a new building, the old building will be inspected before any potential buyer will consider finalizing an offer to purchase. If the roof looks damaged or is heavily coated in algae, then most buyers will be afraid of having to replace the roof in the near future. A clean roof, however, can really impress a buyer and can speed up the moving process for you and your company. Since roof cleanings help maintain the value of your building over time, they are an excellent way to protect your business investment.

Overall, there really is no downside to having an industrial roof professionally cleaned at least once per year. Many companies overlook this necessary step towards maintaining their building’s value and keeping up appearances, but the cost savings of not cleaning an industrial roof do not outweigh the expenses required to fix a roof that becomes damages or unsightly. Since a roof is the main structural element keeping water out of the internal structure of the building, maintenance is crucial for the structural integrity of the building as a whole. Hiring professionals is always the better way to go considering that they have both the experience and the knowledge of state regulations to get the job done quickly and properly, without disrupting your business.

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