Benefits Of Roof Sealing

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Roof sealing is a great idea for any homeowner regardless of whether your roof is made of aluminum, shingles, metal, copper, asphalt, wood or PVC. Your roof represents about 40% of the total surface area of your home and is the first barrier your home has against rain and the elements. Especially in rainy climates, an unsealed roof can begin to leak and the internal structures of your home can quickly become damaged. Rot and mold can devastate property value and other water damage such as damage to wiring or drywall can really do a number on your home. Having your roof sealed is the most effective way to prevent these disasters from happening to you and having your property value negatively affected. Below are a few tips to help you decide that getting your roof sealed is a great choice.

Tile Roofs are Great Candidates for Roof Sealing

Tiles made of concrete or clay tend to be quite durable, however a damp climate may reduce their lifespan as repeated cycles of rain and sun can cause the tiles to become more porous and susceptible to soaking up the dampness and water that they are exposed to on a regular basis. The sun can also dry out the tiles on especially hot days, which allows for cracks that water can sometimes seep through, slowly causing damage to your tiles. By sealing the tiles ahead of major damage, the tiles are more resilient to the weather and will be less likely to degrade ahead of their expected lifespan. Degradation can include cracking, porosity, and the fading of their natural color.

An extra protection that roof sealing provides is that it can make it more difficult for mold and mildew to settle in on your tiles, which keeps the tiles looking their best as long as possible. If your tiles are already covered in mold or look grimy, a simple pressure washing can be done before sealing to ensure that the job is done as well as possible and will last as long as possible. Make sure to ask for low pressure washing, as it is the best and most gentle way to clean a roof prior to treatments. Tile roofs are beautiful but are expensive to replace, so protecting them early and regularly is beneficial to keeping the maintenance costs of your home as low as possible. You can even ask to have the sealer colored if you feel like a change!

Asphalt and Flat Roofs Should be Sealed

Both Asphalt and flat roofs are important to seal against water and sun damage as they are particularly prone to damage by the elements as well as to the growth of mold and algae. Flat roofs are especially at risk because the water doesn’t always drain away properly and can sit on your roof for days, just waiting to seep into your valuable home. Prolonged an unprotected exposure of shingles to the sun can cause them to shrink and eventually crack, which causes significant damage to your home and can even require you to replace the entire roof. This is an expensive consequence of neglecting to have a roof sealed before water has a chance to creep in and cause damage. By applying a waterproof sealer, these extra costs can be avoided as it not only protects against the harsh rays of the sun, but it can also protect the shingles from losing their coating as a result of wind and rain. Also, mold that grows on a shingle roof can push the shingles apart and damage them to the point that sealing will no longer be helpful. Just like tile roofs, it is a good idea to have your roof cleaned before sealing to make sure that no mold is hidden out of sight as it could require you to have the roof sealed again if it is left behind.

Why a Professional Should Seal Your Roof

A professional not only has the experience and skills necessary to give you a great final result, but they can also usually offer you some kind of warranty on their services. While they are analyzing your roof to have it sealed, they will usually give you an idea of how healthy your roof is and if any cleaning services are required before getting started. An amateur attempting to seal a roof will often neglect to clean away debris and grime beforehand and can attempt to apply sealer to a roof that is too damaged to be a good candidate for this service. Therefore, hiring a professional the first time can actually save you money! Other amateur mistakes include leaving pinholes in the sealer or choosing a sealer that isn’t top quality. Amateurs are often injured while attempting to seal their roof because they aren’t prepared for dealing with such a slippery surface. A professional has access to all the best products and safety information, so why not leave the work up to them so that it lasts and gives you the protection your home deserves?

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