Winter Park Roof Cleaning for Businesses

Experts recommend that roof inspections must be done every 6 months in order to ensure that your roof lasts at least an average of 15-30 years. While it is easy to overlook this part of your business, neglecting to have regular roof inspections can actually result in many additional unforeseen costs, business downtime and lost customers. Often times, an inspection will be included with regular maintenance and cleaning, which makes it a very good practice to find a professional roof cleaning contractor with whom you can build a strong relationship. After all, when you are busy running a successful Winter Park business and managing customers, the last thing you have time for is cleaning your own roof, or worse, having the roof cave in unexpectedly.

A Clean Roof Makes Business Sense

As a business owner, one of the most important things to pay great attention to is the protection of your assets. If your primary money generating asset becomes damaged and unusable that could have a serious impact on your profitability. Having a well-maintained roof is one of those assets. It protects your building interior and ensures that you can continue operating even during the harshest weather. Consider this,  business owners that do regular roof maintenance and cleaning save nearly 44% over the course of the roof’s lifetime. That is a huge impact on business profitability. And this doesn’t even take into account the potential costs of damages and business downtime if the roof leaks and lets water inside the property. Over the course of the year, roofs accumulate debris and organic growth which are the number one leading cause of roof damage. As material accumulates on your roof your drainage system will become less effective due to blockage and water will begin to pool and make its way into any available cracks. Furthermore, your building will also experience reduced energy conservation as your roof will become less reflective further reducing your building cost efficiency. But that’s not all, a properly maintained roof can last an average of 15-30 years if neglected this lifespan can be shortened dramatically resulting in thousands of dollars of additional cost in repairs! All this is to display just how important it is to maintain and clean your roof. It is a simple matter of math, the cost of good roof maintenance pays for itself.

Maintaining a Business Image

It is not a myth that customers tend to be a fickle bunch. When choosing where to bring their business they will look at everything from location to quality of service and customer reviews. However, it doesn’t stop there. Whether or not you are the best-run business for miles around it is foolhardy to believe that the physical aesthetics of your business are not a major deciding factor in your customer’s mind. Having a clean, well-maintained building is a sign of success and a reflection of what goes on inside. If your roof is visible to customers walking up to your front door it is crucial you ensure that it is clean and well maintained. First impressions are extremely important and making sure your Winter Park business looks clean and taken care of is paramount to that. Otherwise, you can certainly expect that your customers will be coming in with a negative image in mind. If they decide to come in at all.

Hiring Professionals Is Worth It

While you can clean and maintain a roof yourself or by hiring inexperienced and discounted services it is actually in your best interest to hire professionals. The service quality vs cost is definitely in your favor. An experienced roofing crew will take the guesswork out of your roof maintenance and will ensure that your roof lasts up to its expected lifetime. As they clean your roof they will also inspect it and keep an eye out for potential areas of concern so you can expect that your contractor will notify you if they notice anything that will need urgent attention. Additionally, a professional crew will also be faster and more efficient at cleaning your roof minimizing the impact on your business and customers during operating hours. Finally, and most importantly, they should be licensed and insured. This is both for their protection as well as yours. If it so happens that there is a work place injury or damage caused you can rest easy knowing that it will be taken care of.

As you can see, simply put, maintaining a clean your roof makes Winter Park business sense. Not only will it save you nearly 50% of roof maintenance costs in the long run and prolong the lifespan of your roof, but it will also be a contributing factor to ensuring your potential clients will be more likely to become your new patrons. Keep your business operating without delays or unforeseen delays and make sure your roof doesn’t become a sore spot that takes attention away from what you do best and hire a professional crew that will ensure your roof lasts a long time.