Why a Clean Roof is Good for your Home

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A clean roof looks wonderful, but having a clean roof is so much more important than keeping up appearances. Some homeowners feel that it is only necessary to clean their roof once visible algae and stains have made themselves known. For the homeowners that do clean their roof on a regular basis, the most common is to keep the roof in good overall condition for as long as possible. After all, replacing a roof is time consuming and costly, so why not hire someone to keep your current in great shape as a way to push back any repairs? Many homeowners overlook the many other benefits of maintaining a spotless roof. Below are just a few of the important reasons why you should clean your roof regularly for the sake of your home and not only when problems arise.

Water Damage

Water is the cause of nearly every serious roofing problem. Problems begin once the roof becomes deteriorated enough to allow water to seep into the wood under the roof. This deterioration happens over time due to age, but this aging process is significantly accelerated when moss, mold or algae is allowed to grow between the shingles. Not only does mold hold water and keep your roof from drying properly, it also pushes the shingles apart and can cause fine cracks that will come back to haunt you. Mold and other growths that appear on your roof are able to eat away at your shingles over time if they aren’t removed quickly. Usually, if you can see the mold or moss, damage has already begun. By cleaning your roof on a regular schedule, or at least once per year, these organisms won’t have time to creep into the shingles and cause a noticeable amount of damage.

If you see mold or algae and decide to ignore the warning signs, you may eventually have water start leaking into your home. This is a worst-case scenario and means that the wood and paint in your home will be damaged as a result. The water will stain paint or cause it to flake off altogether if it seeps into the walls or ceiling of your home. Water in these areas will also allow mold to grow and might give your home a musty smell. In addition to these problems, the wood deck under your shingles might become rotted, which can attract animals and bugs. It is much better for the health of your home if the roof is kept clean and this type of damage is prevented in the first place.

Future Costs

Keeping your roof clean doesn’t only protect you from water damage. Professional roof cleaners are able to warn you of any upcoming issues with your roof so that you can plan on repairing them before they develop into more serious problems. The average homeowner overlooks many potential issues with their home and is often surprised when problems arise seemingly out of nowhere. One of the most important times to have a good, healthy roof is when you decide to sell your home. The roof is such an important part of your home that many potential buyers will want to see that it has been well-maintained over the years. Keeping your maintenance receipts can add value to your home. On the other hand, a home without any roof cleaning or maintenance could cause homebuyers to get concerned about the quality of the roof and the sale price might be bargained down as a result. Also, a home inspection is often requested during sales nowadays, which can really reduce your home’s value if water damage has begun or if the roof is in a state of disrepair.

Warranty and Insurance

Unfortunately, warranties don’t cover absolutely everything that can go wrong with your roof. To keep your home nice, a great looking and strong roof is absolutely crucial. It is quite common for homeowners to assume that stained shingles or tiles can be cleaned after the stains have had years to set in. In some cases, this is not possible and your warranty doesn’t cover discoloured roofing materials if the roof was not regularly cleaned and maintained. By hiring a professional roof cleaning company, you can prove that your roof was cleaned properly and any staining should normally be covered under warranty. The same goes for any premature damage to the roof that is a result of defects in manufacturing. Warranties won’t cover a roof that was clearly neglected, so protect yourself! Lastly, home insurance is more likely to give you great rates on your home when the roof is being taken care of properly. After all, the roof protects the entire house and represents a huge liability if it is allowed to deteriorate.

Overall, hiring a roof cleaning company is a very simple and easy way to protect your entire home from water damage, premature aging and to keep its value as high as possible while also keeping warranties and insurance policies in check. It is the best form of annual care that you can provide for your home. Why wait? Have someone look at your roof today and keep it looking fantastic for as long as you can.

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