When Should I Stain My Roof?

Orlando Roof Staining

When you have a cedar roof, there are a few options out there for dressing it up a bit and to keep it in great shape. A popular option is roof staining, which involves coating the roof in either a transparent or a colored product. Homeowners who enjoy the natural color of their cedar shake roof but want the added protection of a coating that can protect against mold, water and the damaging UV rays of the sun are able to choose a transparent stain. The transparent stain will allow the natural wood color to shine through while leaving the shingles looking glossy and well-protected. Colors can be used to add some personal style to a cedar roof, perhaps when the color of the siding is changed. As beneficial as staining a roof can be, many homeowners are unsure about when it needs to be done. Below are a few guidelines that should clear everything up.

A cedar roof was just installed

An ideal time to have a roof stained is when it is brand new. This way, the roof and your investment are well-protected from the elements. Although a new cedar roof does come with some protection without staining, there is still a chance that mold will be able to set in when the roof is in a rainy and humid climate, like it is in Florida. Once mold takes its grip on the roof, water is much harder to get rid of after a rain storm since the moisture can be retained in the moss and the wood underneath ill remain wet for much longer than protected wood. If mold is allowed to grow for too long, rot can even begin and will cause major damage to the roof. At this point, it is too late to try and protect it with a stain. The only solution is to have the rotted sections removed and have the new sections along with the rest of the healthy roof coated in a colored or transparent stain to prevent the same damages from happening again.

The cedar roof is looking faded

The hot Florida sun is well-known for its ability to fade and gradually wear down anything that is kept outdoors for long periods of time. A cedar roof is always exposed to the elements and usually has very little to no protection from the sun. After a few years, a cedar roof can begin to look faded. If it is a cedar roof that has been previously stained, the faded color of the stain is an obvious sign that another staining treatment would be in the best interest of the roof, not only to keep it looking its best but to protect it from the elements as well. A cedar roof that has not been previously treated will simply being to look dry or as though the color of the wood seems lighter than before. As long as the natural cedar hasn’t begun to crack, adding a transparent stain is a great way to revitalize the look of the natural wood and to protect it from further UV damage. Fading is also a sign that the current coating on the roof is aging and is likely not protecting the roof from water anymore. After recurrent cycles of moisture and extreme heat, the cedar is at a high risk of cracking or warping. Repairing such damage is no easy task, which is why it is always better to be proactive and to use treatments before problems begin to rear their ugly head.

After a thorough cleaning

A cedar roof needs regular cleaning and maintenance just like any other type of roof. Immediately after an annual cleaning is a great time to have the cedar stained, since it is highly recommended to apply any kind of roofing product only after the roof has been professionally cleaned. Without a proper cleaning, any existing mold that may or may not be visible yet or other debris that is trapped on the roof can be sealed into the coating, which will reduce the life span of the stain and my also affect its overall appearance. After all, a great looking roof for years to come is the ultimate goal, so why would you stain over a dirty roof?

Roof staining is a great solution to protecting a cedar shake roofing system and it offers so many choices in colors that virtually any homeowner can find a color and a style that suits their personality and their home’s décor. Not only is it a stylish way to update the look of a roof, but it is a great investment towards making the roof look amazing years down the road, keeping property values high and towards saving money on costly repairs. There really isn’t any downside to choosing this fantastic option when deciding how to best protect a timeless cedar shake roof.

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