What To Know About Roof Painting

Orlando Roof Painting

Roof painting is a service that many roof cleaning companies are able to provide, but not many homeowners know much about the process or why they should be considering it for their home. Nearly any kind of roofing material can be painted, including asphalt, concrete, aluminum and tile roofing materials. Of course, different products are required for each type of material, but the general idea of painting a roof is the same. Painting the roof can add color to a dull roof and can also add an extra layer of protection against the rain and other outdoor elements that can damage an uncoated roof. Some types of paint can even reflect heat from the sun away from your home and keep you a little cooler in the summer!

Does a Roof Need to be Cleaned Before it gets Painted?

As a rule, having your roof cleaned at least once or twice a year is recommended regardless of whether or not you intend to paint your roof. It keeps the roof healthy and free from molds and grime that can cause your roof to prematurely fall apart. If you intend to paint your roof as an added protection against the elements, it is crucial that you clean it right before you have the painting done. A few months before the paint job is not close enough to the actual painting to work. A dirty roof can cause the paint to flake away or become porous prematurely, which defeats the purpose of having the roof painted in the first place. A porous roof will absorb water during the rainy season and will not reflect heat away from the home as effectively during the sunnier and hotter months.

When Should I Consider Having my Roof Painted?

There is no wrong time to have a roof painted, but there are two main reasons why homeowners decide to have the procedure done. The first reason is that the roof is fairly new, in great condition and they want to do whatever it takes to keep it that way. Adding a layer of quality roof paint is a great way to prolong the life of your roof and it makes it much easier to clean. The second reason why roof painting comes up on a homeowner’s to-do list is when the roof is just starting to look a little less new. For example, tile roofs are known for losing their glaze and shine after years of being exposed to the sun and harsh elements. When this happens, the roof can look dull, but a coat of roof paint can bring the luster right back and add style to your home. It also protects the roof from further wear and tear that can happen once the original protective layer is long gone.

What Paint Options are there for my Roof?

No matter what your roof is made out of, there is an appropriate paint that will stick to it properly and will improve its appearance for years to come. It is always recommended to consult a professional regarding which paints to use, since using the wrong paint for the wrong type of roofing material is simply a waste of time and money. The paints are offered in solid colors as well as transparent colors. The transparent colors can be very subtly tinted with a color if the homeowner is looking for a very barely noticeable color change, but completely clear options are also available if protecting the roof is the only concern and the homeowner doesn’t want to change the current color of the roof in any way. Solid colors are available as well in colors from black all the way to brighter colors such as yellow and blue. The brighter colors are not usually a great choice since the final look can be too dramatic, but it all depends on what you are looking for.

When protecting a roof from the elements is a concern or if you simply like the idea of your roof staying clean easier and for longer periods of time, then having your roof painted is a great idea. Not only do you have the opportunity to refresh the look of your roof, but you are also investing in having your roof stay in great condition for years to come. Hiring a professional makes the job easy, as this is definitely not a do-it-yourself kind of job. Choosing paints can be tricky, but a professional will know exactly what to use, so you only need to choose the style and color before getting started.

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