What Time of Year is Best for Roof Cleaning?

Roof cleaning is a staple when thinking about home maintenance. The roof of a home is so crucial to the home’s value and its general appearance, that it simply cannot be neglected without severe consequences. Mold, debris and dirt all need to be taken care of before they have the time to cause problems. Most homeowners have roof cleaning down to a schedule, generally at least once per year. However, is it possible that there are advantages to cleaning your roof at one time of year over another? Of course! The time of year that a roof is cleaned can make a world of difference, especially in a climate like Florida where the weather can be particularly rough on asphalt shingles and other types of roofing materials. Here are a few things to consider when you are planning your roof cleaning schedule.

The Rainy Season

Despite the cleaning powers of water, the rainy season of Florida, generally between the months of May through October, is not helpful at all when you are trying to clean your roof as best as possible. First of all, the rain can make the roofing surface extremely slippery. Professionals are well-equipped for these types of hazards, but the average do-it-yourself handyman might find the slippery conditions overwhelming and potentially dangerous. Wearing a harness and proper shoes are a must, which can add extra cost to the job for someone who is trying to clean their roof alone. Not only is there a safety problem during this season, there is also the problem of removing mold and moss from the roof under these conditions. Sometimes, chemicals are used during the cleaning process for mold and the rain will simply wash it away before it can really soak in and do its job. Also, mold and moss thrive in damp conditions, so it is best to try and eradicate these issues during a drier season where the moss and mold cannot simply come back within a short period of time.

The Winter Months

Florida has extremely hot and sunny days that can make even the most seasoned Florida resident want to stay inside with the air conditioning on at full blast. Although the hottest days of the year keep the roof dry and far from slippery, these hot days are even hotter when the heat that radiates off a black roof comes into play. More often than not, people don’t enjoy working in these temperatures and choosing the drier but colder winter months is usually ideal for people who want to clean their roof thoroughly. By choosing to work in a slightly cooler, but drier month, the chemicals needed have adequate amounts of time to soak in without evaporating away due to heat and the worker is less likely to become overheated. An overheated worker on a roof is a dangerous combination, since heat stroke can strike suddenly and may cause someone to fall off of a high roof that would otherwise be safe to walk on.

After Heavy Storms

Another great time to have a roof cleaned is after a series of heavy storms. Strong winds and heavy rain can both bring debris, mold spores, leaves and dirt to your roof, where they can become embedded. If these items are not removed within a short period of time, they will have ample time to cause damage to the roof or they can at least prevent the roof from drying out properly, which can cause mold or moss to settle in. Timing is everything. For example, if you have your roof cleaned right before storms hit, there is a good chance that your roof will be as dirty as it was before the cleaning a few weeks after the storms. This defeats the purpose of having your roof cleaned, since the clean condition didn’t last long. It could be an entire year before it is cleaned again! But, if your roof is cleaned after the major storms have passed, then it is likely that your roof will stay quite clean up until the next scheduled cleaning. This way, your money spent on cleaning goes a lot farther!

To summarize, choosing when to clean your roof is just as important as choosing how often to clean our roof. It is very important to avoid cleaning your roof during heavy rain, since the chemicals are less effective under these circumstances and the roof is much more dangerous for workers. An ideal time to clean your roof is after extreme weather has affected your roof in any way, since this is the best way to make sure that your roof is clean over a longer span of time. Lastly, choosing to clean your roof during the winter months is far more pleasant that trying to clean a roof in scorching temperatures. As long as the roof is relatively dry and the temperatures are warm, not incredibly hot, it is a good time to have your roof cleaned.

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