The Advantages of Having a Clean Roof

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What are the advantages of having a clean roof?

If you’re like most homeowners, you clean your house all the time. Whether you’re doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom or vacuuming the carpet, you know that these chores are essential for keeping your home in the best shape possible. You also do them with no complaints. But take a second and think about what you do for the exterior of your home. Do you do just as much work as you do on the inside? Often times, roof cleaning is not on your priority list. That’s where our Orlando roof cleaning company can help.

The outside of your home needs to be taken care of and looked after just as much as the inside of your home. The exterior of your house is what stands between you and the elements, the parts that keep you cozy, dry and most of all, safe. And there’s a ton of stuff for you to do out there too, a lot of it cleaning.

You can clean your gutters and downspouts, your windows and walkways, and you probably do clean those, but do you clean your roof ever? Some people don’t and they don’t know why they should but it’s a very important part of the upkeep of your home. If you can protect your roof, it will keep your foundation safe as well and the two work together to help you avoid any costly repairs.

Roof cleaning isn’t even as long of a process as you might think it is either. It can be time consuming but it’s simple, and if done right it only needs to be done a couple times a year. This means you don’t have to worry about climbing any ladders and doing some hardcore scrubbing every other week, and even better you don’t even have to do it yourself if you don’t want. Just hire the professionals and leave it to us.

To help you see the advantages you’d have over other uncleaned roofs by having yours done, we’ve put together a list of some of the advantages you gain by having a clean roof.

Improves Appearance

One of the biggest advantages of having your roof cleaned is that a clean house just looks better. A dirty exterior, because of the roof, the outside walls or both, can make your home look neglected and uncared for. You would think that it would be hard for your roof to get dirty, being on top of your home as it is but that’s not true. Algae and little magma spores can land on your roof and cause black stains and growths, while other organic materials can also get up there and begin to breakdown.

Though on your roof, these stains and growths can really detract from the look of your home. Even with the best landscaping, crystal clear windows and a freshly paved garage, these spots will easily draw the attention of visitor’s.

And if you don’t clean you roofing systems when you clean your roof, they can stop working and take over your roof themselves, which presents a whole different set of problems besides a mess of trees and leaves covering your roof.

Regular cleanings will get rid of any buildup on your roof that might weather it or break it down, and will allow it to look as good as it did in the beginning. Our Orlando roof cleaning company will help you maintain your home’s beautiful appearance and boost its curb appeal. It can also help you avoid being contacted by the Home Owners Association.

Improves Efficiency

Regular roof cleanings don’t just make your home more beautiful, they also serve to make your home more energy efficient. The main purpose of a roof is to enclose the interior of your home and protect it from the outdoor elements like sun, rain, wind, heat and snow. Like we said in previous sections, a roof is essential to keep the foundation of your home in good shape. But there’s also the little fact that your roof helps to keep the inside of your home running smoothly as well.

To regulate the temperature in your home, often you have energy conserving windows, air conditioners and insulation. The dark stains of black algae, which are common in Florida, on an uncleaned roof will absorb heat rather than reflect it and that can cause problems with your temperature and energy regulation.

Unclean roof absorption means heated insulation and ductwork so air conditioners have to work harder than they should to keep your house cooler (also a function of a properly working roof) and the next time you check your energy bill, its way higher than it needs to be. This also can be a cause of your air conditioner not living out its full lifespan.

Increases Lifespan

Another one of the advantages of having your roof regularly cleaned is the fact that it can seriously increase the lifespan of your roof. Once moss and lichen are on your roof they’ll slowly begin to spread and break down your tiles as they eat away at your roofs components. The more they eat the further into and between the shingles they get causing lifting and breakage.

Once the shingles on your roof are lifted, wind damage and leaks become a concern. Your roof and the growths that occur on your roof definitely retain water and that isn’t something that you want to happen. It can lead to flourishing mildew in your home that can cause health issues for you and your family.

However, regular roof cleanings can help to prevent these things from happening. Regular roof cleanings give your roof a better chance to last the intended 20-25 years instead of 7-10 years because it removes all the stuff from you roof that would eat it or weather it away. Roof cleanings also help you to avoid costly funds in having to have you roof redone before it’s time. This is one of those instances where you pay a little at a time to avoid paying a lot all in one go.

Property Investment

Another important advantage of having a clean roof via roof cleanings is that it’s putting more of an investment in to your home. A nice, clean roof can lead to not just a nicer curb appeal but to a higher property value. If you intend to keep your home, looking after your roof does benefit you. It provides you with all of the advantages above as well as the knowledge that you’re properly taking care of the entirety of your home.

If you’re looking to sell your home, however, a clean roof is vital and can have a big effect on the sell-ability of your home. Potential buyers look at the outside of you home before they decide to go in and chances are if you have a dirty roof that alone might be enough to make them say no and get back in the car.

To them, and hopefully you after reading this article, a dirty roof can be an indicator of a roof that needs to be replaced or a home that may have possible water damages. But if your roof looks clean and well card for they’re getting the indication that this house has been well taken care of and looked after. They won’t be as nervous to check it out.

Get Your Roof Cleaned

As you can see regular roof cleanings are advantageous on every side, and they don’t really come with a single disadvantage. You can’t really complain about the money you’d have to pay for regular cleanings because with the amount you’d save by not letting your roof fall in to ruin, there’s no comparison. A clean roof means good curb appeal that will last, done cheaply and quickly. It means if you’re selling your home you’ll have a better chance. It means lower energy bills and healthy surroundings for your family. There’s no reason not to keep a clean roof.

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