Roof Cleaning For Your Rental House

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For many people, owning a home is not worth the extra hassle and expense of being responsible for major home renovations or repairs, but renting an apartment is just not as appealing due to the lack of privacy and space. Of course, a great option is to choose a rental house that meets all of your needs. Many people assume that the landlord will be responsible for any major issues that may arise during the rental contract. However, it pays to read the fine print since the tenant is often responsible for general maintenance and care of the property. When something goes wrong as a direct result of poor maintenance, the tenant can be held entirely responsible unless maintenance is included in the rental directly from the landlord. One of the most expensive parts of any home is the roof. As a responsible tenant, roof cleaning is definitely something to think about as it can protect you from future problems should repairs one day arise.

Eavestroughs / Gutters

Part of roof cleaning services can involve maintenance and cleaning of the eavestroughs of your home. How can a tenant determine if they are responsible for keeping gutters clear? In general, if you are responsible for mowing the lawn, keeping the exterior of the home presentable and for washing the glass of your windows, the odds are that you are expecting to keep the gutters clear should they become blocked. If your landlord has included property maintenance in your contract, then you need to make sure that this maintenance includes the roof so you are not held responsible if the gutters become blocked or damaged. In windy and rainy climates, it is a great idea to clear the gutters at least once per year because the wind can cause significant amounts of debris to become trapped and the rain can push this debris into the downspouts where it gets trapped. Annual cleanings are also great for your roof, which can be completed at the same time as the gutters. Most tenants are not comfortable with climbing a ladder to clean the eavestroughs themselves, so hiring a roof cleaning company to maintain the roof while also cleaning out debris from the eavestrough system is an excellent way to ensure that key maintenance is being completed as per your rental agreement.


If you are renting a property for a short amount of time, less than one year, for example, it is unlikely that you would be blamed for any damage to the roofing system since the landlord should have provided the property to you in good shape. However, many people rent a home for years at a time. If the roof and gutters, which are a part of the roofing system, are not maintained at all for long periods of time, many tenants are surprised to realize that they are to blame for resulting damage. Unfortunately, a damaged roof can be quite costly to repair as leaks inside the home are often the first clue that something is wrong when the roof has been neglected. Leaks into the home can damage interior paint, drywall and even the very structure of the home. One of the benefits of renting over owning is that major repairs due to age are handled by the landlord, but roofing damage due to poor maintenance is not covered this way. For example, gutters that start to overflow or that become damaged due to heavy, wet debris, are almost always the tenant’s fault. By hiring a professional roof cleaning company, you have proof that professional maintenance was sought out and completed at reasonable intervals. This way, a damaged roof is the landlord’s problem and you can rest easy knowing that you are being a responsible tenant.

Cost Savings

When negotiating your rental agreement, offering to cover the costs of regular roof maintenance by a professional can sometimes reduce the rent your landlord will ask you to pay. Many landlords are very happy to know that a professional is keeping an eye on the roof and making sure that it is cleaned properly. Roofing companies are also familiar with cleaning gutters that are located high up on taller rental homes, which can be a dangerous task for the inexperienced tenant. Becoming injured, or worse, by falling off a ladder can cost a tenant a significant amount of money due to time off work and medical bills. It really isn’t worth trying to complete this maintenance on your own, considering that professionals have the appropriate safety equipment and training to not only clean your roof and eavestroughs quickly and safely, but also with proof that this maintenance has been carried out. Having proof that you complete proper maintenance can be worth thousands of dollars should your landlord claim that damage to the home is your fault.

Overall, roof cleaning for a rental home is often overlooked by tenants. Lawn mowing, exterior cleaning and general upkeep are almost always assumed to be the tenant’s responsibility, but the roof is equally as important! Would you let your grass grow two feet tall before mowing it? Of course not! Don’t wait until your eavestroughs are weighed down and damaged or until your roof grows visible moss and algae to contact a professional to help you with this vital part of rental home maintenance.

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