How To Take Care Of Your Roof

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If you are a homeowner, then you are surely aware of the many tasks that homeowners complete every year to keep their homes looking fantastic. It’s a lot of work, but keeping a home clean and tidy not only looks good, it actually keeps the house in good condition for a longer period of time. Keeping away mould, mildew and other debris keeps both plants and bacteria from destroying your siding, concrete, and even your roof. Many homeowners don’t realize that the roof is actually one of the most crucial areas of your home when it comes to maintenance. It often gets left behind since climbing up on the roof is no small task and many people would sooner avoid it. However, there are quite a few things that need to be done. Below are the key tasks that every homeowner should be aware of. It is always an option to hire a local professional once you know what you need!

Branches and Leaves

Living in a windy climate pretty much guarantees that leaves, branches and anything else that can be carried over by the wind will end up on your roof at some point. It may be easier to hope that everything will just blow away, but the truth is that some leave and branches will stick around and might actually damage your roof without you even realizing it. Leaves get sticky once they start to rot or if they are rained on and are a great source of food for bacteria, mould and moss. All three of these can eat away at your roof, regardless of the material. If you have a metal roof, wet leaves can stain the paint if they are left in place for too long. Not only do damp leaves stick to your roof and cause damaging growth, but they also have the potential to really clog up your gutters. The same thing goes for branches, since they will get into your gutters and trap all the debris that would normally get flushed through with the rain. The best time to have your roof cleaned for debris is after wind or rain storm season, since that is when the debris will be less likely to blow away on its own and you’ll also have a cleaner roof for longer since another storm isn’t right around the corner.

Watch the Gutters

It is truly amazing how easy it is to forget that gutters need cleaning. After all, you can’t see inside them from the ground and most people are indoors when it is raining, so they don’t always notice when water isn’t draining properly anymore. Unfortunately, most homeowners only realize that they have a problem with their gutters once other problems start to pop up and the gutters are to blame. As a rule of thumb, when you have your roof cleaned you should always ask for a check up on your gutters. If leaves or other debris starts to pile up in one of the downpipes, water will start to overflow the gutters and the water will simply overflow and run down the side of the house and pool at the foundation. This can ruin the siding, or at the very least it will leave water stains on the paint that need constant cleaning. The foundation of your home is most severely affected, as the water buildup can sometimes cause flooding if water makes its way through a leaky basement window or it can even cause the foundation of your home to deteriorate. Repairing a foundation is quite expensive, which is why it is so important to keep the gutters clean and working perfectly.

Regular Cleanings

A few times a year, it is an excellent idea to hire professional roof cleaners to give your roof a deep clean. Professionals will be able to use pressure washers or chemicals if needed to really clean between every crack and corner of your roof, where dirt or moss could be hiding. Not only do professionals know how to make sure that your roof is perfectly clean, they also know how to spot future problem areas and can warn you before its too late to fix something. For example, if a section of your shingles is starting to curl with age, they can let you know so that it can be repaired before the wood underneath becomes affected. Cleaning a roof yourself is a good habit, but most homeowners don’t have the proper equipment to do a thorough job and some use the wrong equipment and risk damaging their home. Hiring a professional can really put your mind at ease and seeing your home look amazing is always worth it!

Keeping a roof in top shape is actually a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be a headache. By keeping the basic areas mentioned above in great shape, your roof will last longer, look better and keeping it clean will be easier when cleanings are done regularly. In windy, wet climates your roof can really take a beating, so it is a great idea to hire a professional who can use their tools to really make sure that your roof is in good shape and to ask them more about how you can keep your roof clean in between cleaning sessions.

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