How Often Should My Roof Be Low Pressure Washed?

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How often should I low pressure wash my roof?

The outside of your home is the first line of defense. When it comes to the exterior of your home versus wind, rain and sun — the elements can be relentless. And that’s not the only thing working against the most protective areas of your home; there’s also dirt, grime, insects and plants.

That’s why it’s important for you to give your roof a helpful, and preventative, hand. Low pressure roof cleaning is a way to gently blast away the accumulated grime and remove irritants that can grind at your roof’s surface so you don’t end up spending all of your money on a new, replacement roof.

A good low pressure soft wash can do a lot for the life-span of your roof and the appeal of your home. For these reasons alone, a large number of roof tiling manufacturers suggest regular low pressure cleanings. But as a homeowner you may wonder why should you do it and when?

When it comes to the why, a lot of homeowners don’t actually know the answer to this question. One thing to keep in mind is that it isn’t the same as pressure washing. Soft washing provides a steady stream of water capable of doing all the heavy work necessary but despite the heavy work that it does, the water itself is soft and gentle to avoid doing any damage to your roof.

When to do a soft wash it is actually fairly simple. It just depends on four factors. But for a moment let’s go back to the first question. Why should you give your roof low pressure cleanings?

Why soft wash your roof?

Low pressure roof cleaning is an important step in keeping your home in good shape and appearance. Over time the exterior of your home can build-up a combination of dirt, dust, mildew, mold and fungi. This build up can make your home look old and uncared for. It can also speed up the process of breakdown and weathering.

So the why is pretty easy to answer. The biggest reason for low pressure cleaning is that it is a great preventative measure. All homeowners know that leaves and other debris will build up on your roof, but some don’t know that if it’s left alone it can cause extensive damage. The same applies to the buildup of leaves in your gutters and valleys.

If there is build up in any of these areas, your roof could start to decompose due to algae and become a breeding ground for mold. Water could begin to be trapped on your roof and in your gutters, putting weight on your home and causing leaks. The best way to avoid this happening to you? Soft washing and gutter and downspout cleaning from the beginning.

Another reason is that it can make your home look brand new and boost its curb appeal immediately. If you’re looking to sell your home regular low pressure cleanings could increase resale value. And if you’re looking to keep your home, this is a nice way to appease the HOA. Today both the Home Owners Association and your insurance company are interested in the state of your roof.

To protect the resale value of the neighborhood, and because of the unsightly damage caused if neglected, the HOA will send out letters for you to clean your roof before it becomes a major issue. Some insurance companies will cancel your policy for having a dirty roof because it is a liability they do not want to be responsible for. Having soft washing done on your own time is better than having to do it on theirs.

When to low pressure power wash?

When deciding when to soft wash your home it’s important to consider the environment and climate in which you live. Humid environments are at risk for increased mildew and mold growth. Leafy trees growing on your property can cause an increased need for more frequent cleanings to get rid of spores and tree debris. Areas with heavy winds bring more dirt and leaves into the equation. Living where there is a lot of airborne dust and dirt is also a cause for more frequent washings.

It’s important to keep these kinds of things in mind when deciding your pressure washing schedule. If you aren’t sure what specifically it is that you have to account for be sure to contact your local Orlando, FL pressure washing professionals and they’ll be able to let you know.

You should also look at what the weather is going to be like when you’re planning on low pressure washing your roof. Timing is important (or else you wouldn’t bother reading this) and weather plays an important factor in that. The best time to have your roof low pressure washed is when the weather is mild and sunny. You don’t want high winds blowing leaves and debris right back on to your roof and undoing all of the work you’ve just had done. With that being said, here are the four times you should clean your roof.

1. When it’s dirty

The easiest way to know when your roof needs to be low pressure cleaned is when your roof or home looks dirty. It’s really that simple. If your home looks dirty, whether you can see it from a distance, or you can walk up to your home and run a finger over it, pulling your finger back covered in dirt, then it’s probably time for you to get it cleaned.

If it’s to a point where you notice the dirt yourself, you can bet that it’s probably already affecting your home in a negative way. And if you can notice it easily, so can the HOA and your insurance company.

2. Rainfall

The amount of rainfall in your area is another thing to keep an eye on when deciding when to do a soft wash. Water falling from the sky may seem like a free and easy way to have your home’s dirty exterior cleaned but that’s not the case. It may clean excess dirt and substances off of your home, but it’s not enough to remove all of it.

Also that’s not accounting for whatever may be brought to your home with the process of rain. If you’re getting regular heavy rainfall, you’ll want to have your house cleaned.

3. Humidity levels

Humid weather attracts mold and mildew, creating perfect growing conditions on your home. We all know mold and mildew growth isn’t good for either your home or the safety of your family living within it (especially with allergies). That’s not to mention that these growths can also stain and damage your home while making it look dirty.

So keep an eye on high humidity levels and when it happens for a long period of time, get a professional low pressure cleaner to clean your home and ensure that mold and mildew are terminated. For this reason is it also pretty good idea to do it regularly as a preventative measure.

4. Once a year

You should get your home low pressure soft washed at least once a year. When in doubt about when to do it, doing it annually is absolutely better than nothing. A good practice to help you remember is to do it once a year during your spring cleaning time. As you clean the inside of your home, the outside will be done as well, giving you a nice preventative clean inside and out.

With the proper tools and chemicals, thanks to your local low pressure cleaning experts your home can look brand new, inside and out, like it’s never had a trouble spot in its life. So you really can’t go wrong by power washing annually.

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