How Long Does Tile Roof Cleaning Take?

Orlando Tile Roof Cleaning

Tile roofs are one of the most advantageous roofing types. Tile roofs are able to better withstand harsher weather conditions. They have thermal properties to better reduce temperatures within the house. They’re more resistant to pests. They come in a large variety of colors and styles, and they last just as long as, if not longer than, every other type.

But as all homeowners know, you don’t keep your house standing forever without putting any maintenance efforts into it. The same goes double for your roof. The first major line of defense for your residence, your roof faces; sun, rain, wind and heat, pests, weathering dust and dirt, mildew, algae and moss growth. And these issues do more than just make your roof unsightly. If given enough time they’ll begin causing your roof to deteriorate and make it unable to fulfill its original purpose.

Maintenance for your roof consists of one thing, in two different places: cleaning. When doing so, you have to clean both your tiled roof and your gutters and downspouts. Cleaning these regularly allows them to properly function. A working roof allows water to move to the gutters and downspouts and the later carries it away from your foundation. The removal of standing water, and other debris removed with cleanings, preserves your roof and gutter systems for a number of years.

There are also other reasons for cleaning your tile roof beyond just protection. Beyond extending the life of your roof, regular and proper cleanings will increase the aesthetic value of your home. They will also allow whoever is cleaning your roof the opportunity to look for other damage or issues that should be taken care of sooner rather than later (when it’s more costly).

How does it affect me?

The next set of questions that come to mind after figuring out why you need to clean your roof are: who is going to do it and how much of my time is it going to take? The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t have to affect you at all and it’s not something that is going to take up a large amount of your time. You really don’t have to do much more than you are doing now by reading this article and retaining the available information.

You’ll want to look for professionals near you who know how to do their job. Read reviews, talk to the cleaners themselves, and make sure you’re choosing someone reliable. Once you’ve figured that part out and let them know that you need your tile roof cleaned, then it’s out of your hands. They’ll come in and do their tile roof cleaning and you can go on with your day. Unless your day to day life involves doing a bunch of things on your roof and portions of your yard, they’re mostly going to be completely out of your way.

Also, professional roof cleaners in Orlando will rinse away the products they’ve used after they’re finished, and they usually use environmentally friendly cleaners. This means that other than a quick rinse of your flora and fauna after they leave, even the clean up on your end is minimal.

If you decide to clean your roof yourself, it will take much more time out of your day than just a quick plant wash down, but most tile manufacturers strongly recommend hiring professionals to minimize risk and so do we. Either way, we’ll let you know what a typical tile roof cleaning looks like so that you can see about how long it’ll take. Keep in mind that the time can be affected a few things like; how long it’s been since your last roof cleaning, the size of your roof and the amount of accumulation.

What is roof tile cleaning?

Cleaning your roof, beyond the gutter system, might be a bit of a grey area for most homeowners in regards to how it’s done. Often the focus is on the gutter systems and that’s where most of our (homeowner’s) collective knowledge lies. So how does tile roof cleaning work?

The first step is the initial low pressure wash. Using a low pressure washer, the surface of the roof is washed. The water is directed through a nozzle and used to remove all visible dirt and debris such as leaves, twigs and dead insects. The cleaner starts at the ridge of the roof and works their way down to the eaves and gutters. Then the roof is left to dry completely.

Next the roof is washed again but with a lower level of pressure and instead of water, a cleaning chemical solution is used on the dry roof. Usually these cleaning solutions are bio-degradable and environmentally friendly. After their application, the chemicals are left to stand for anywhere from a few moments or until completely dry, allowing them to seep into the tiles and work.

The chemical is then rinsed off with water. The accumulation and buildup of materials on the roof and the strength of the chemical used will determine how long this stage lasts. Again working from the ridge to the gutters, the water is aimed at all of the harder to remove dirt, debris, stains and growths.

After this all happens, for most intents and purposes, your tile roof has been cleaned. But that doesn’t mean the efforts of you and/or your cleaners should stop there. Now that your roof is clean, it’s the perfect time to have your gutters and downspouts cleaned to make sure they’ll work as efficiently as your roof. The better they work, the more time you can safely have between roof cleanings.

As the gutters are cleaned, your roof can dry. Once it is dry, both it and your gutters can be checked for any damages. As the roof is checked for damages, it will simultaneously be buffed. Then any necessary repairs to your tiles can be done, including replacing cracked or damaged ones. And finally your roof can be primed, resealed and if you’d like, repainted.

Obviously repairing and replacing tiles, and resealing and repainting tiles can take more time. But in the long run, especially if you’re sealing with a water repellant or something similar and getting rid of tiles that are already broken, the benefits of a stronger roof are worth it.

How long will my tile roof cleaning take?

So as you now know, a tile roof cleaning is a process that can be over quickly — or not. If there are a lot of tiles to replace, it’ll take longer. If it’s a hot day, the roof will dry quicker and the next step can happen faster. That being said, typically a cleaning job can be completed in one day if your home is up to 5,000 sq ft. If you have a larger home it could take 2 or 3 days. As previously stated, a lot of the time line can depend on the size of your home and the amount of accumulation on your roof.

If you do want a legitimate time estimate that is relative to your particular home and roof, give us a call for a free estimate and timeline appraisal. We can talk about how much longer it’ll take to do sealing or gutter cleaning, why you should do those as well, and any discounts we offer for having multiple services done in one day. You can give us a call at 407.877.3210 or contact us online here.