Condo Roof Cleaning in Orlando, FL

Condo Roof Cleaning Orlando, FL

Whether you live in or manage a condominium complex, you know how important it is to keep your property well maintained. And with the scale of upkeep and community that comes with a condo complex, you know how big of a job that can be.

The exterior of your condo is the first thing that is seen. A clean, or dirty, appearance will have a big impact on the way that your home and community is viewed. Well-kept properties are a boon to investors and potential residents in the same way that unkempt properties are going to make them not spare a second glance. Condos that are well taken care of can cause a surge in the resale value of the entire complex.

The appearance of your condo starts with your roof. Once your roof is covered with dark stains and dirt, the appearance of the rest of your home might not even be noticed. In fact, when buying homes people often look at the roof first as it can easily indicate more serious problems. Not to mention the fact that your roof is not just for looks, but to protect your home from all kinds of environmental concerns.

Why clean your condo’s roof?

No matter how old or young your roof is and no matter how long it is supposed to last you- it deserves a little love. Often people replace their roofs with extravagant price tags when all it really needs is a good deep cleaning. Regular, thorough cleanings can give your roof a brand new look, help it to last longer and sometimes even help you keep the materials under warranty.

Condo roof cleanings, whether that’s pressure washing or a low pressure cleaning, are a preventative treatment which means you don’t have to wait for a problem to appear to act. You can prevent damages to your roof before they even happen. This can save you a lot of money in the future.

When you have regular condo roof cleanings, you are more aware of what is going on with your roof. Issues can be discovered early on before they’ve really had time to take a toll on your condo.

The costs of not taking care of your condo’s roof are high, and that even includes the little things. A roof that cannot efficiently do its job will not reflect sunlight but absorb it. Your home starts becoming more heated and your cooling costs rise. That’s at the small end of the damage spectrum. What if your whole roof becomes weak and it collapses? You’ll have to pay for a whole new roof, not to mention the health matters that come with such an issue.

What does roof cleaning consist of?

You should hire a professional to do the job because it is not as easy as it looks. Improper cleaning techniques could cause damage to your roof. A bleach concoction is not what you should use to clean your roof as it can do more damage. Please hire a professional who knows that they are doing and can help you preserve the integrity of your roof. They are insured to be up there, they have specialized equipment and the knowledge of how to use it.

That being said, the condo roof cleaning process can be different depending on the chemicals used and the type of wash your roof require, but a professional roof cleaner can help you decide whether you’d like a power wash or a low pressure wash and what cleaner to use.

The process starts with a roof washing, from ridge to gutter, to thoroughly remove twigs, leaves, loose debris etc. Then the roof is allowed to dry before the roof is washed again this time with a chemical treatment. This chemical is an environmentally safe fungicide and moss killer. It will soak in to the tiles and spaces between where it will kill microscopic moss spores and any other growths. Done regularly, the chemical will prevent them from growing back for years.

Another wash follows this one, rinsing the remaining chemical away and effectively removing any last stains or stubborn remnants. If you’ve hired professionals there should be no damage done to your roof and a final inspection will follow to check for any remaining issues.

It’s also important to remember that when you do get your roof cleaned, you should probably get your gutters and downspouts cleaned as well. They work together with your roof, carrying water and sediment down and away so it can’t pool anywhere. Taking care of one of these surfaces while neglecting the other two is sure to end badly; they aren’t that hard to maintain if looked after properly.

What happens if you don’t clean your roof?

Do you know what the discoloration and dark patterns on your roof that seemed to come from nowhere are? They’re Roof Algae, or Gloeocapsa Magma, which is transported in spores by the wind. The three things it needs to grow are moisture, heat and nutrients. Your roof has all three. And living in Orlando, FL means it would take less than four years to completely cover your roof.

But it’s not just unsightly, there’s more to it and it’s not good. The algae feed on the inorganic materials in your roof. This can cause structural damage to your roof, the algae eating through your roof and allowing moisture to get inside. Water on your inner wooden frame can lead to costly leaks and expansive wood rot. Weak roofs are also more susceptible to termites.

Water damage can also lead to the quick growth of mildew and mold. Hidden in your ceiling you might not even know it is there, and that can be a major health issue for those living in your home and in the condominiums next to you.

On a less dangerous side, your roof and home will gain a buildup of the algae, dirt, dust and other fungi which can speed up the process of weathering and breakdown. Paint will prematurely fail, staining can stretch beyond your roof to the rest of your home and growth on your roof can spread causing even more issues like cracks and splits.

Basically, not cleaning your roof is sure to lead to a home that looks like it’s neglected and in bad shape. This means the Condo Association is likely to become involved. In fact, many associations today require roof cleanings and stain removal. They are aware that this can reduce your property’s value and those around you, especially those next door. Your insurance company might be interested as well because they know the damage that can result from an unlooked after roof.

They could even cancel your policy. They don’t want to be held liable for any problems, and if they do, the ending is you paying out of your own pocket for a brand new roof. And all of that can be avoided if you have regular roof cleanings, which are significantly cheaper than a new roof by a longshot.

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