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Even the best commercial roofing systems require annual cleanings and regular maintenance to ensure that the life span of the roof is not compromised in any way. A simple annual cleaning can make sure that a commercial roof remains in top shape for the duration of the warranty period and even beyond. Of course, commercial roofing systems tend to be quite large and if maintenance and cleanings are not properly scheduled, the amount of work required to clean such a large area can quickly add up. Also, a poor maintenance schedule can lead to minor problems becoming serious problems, whereas a small problem would have been noticed during an annual cleaning before damage had an opportunity to escalate further. Even a small leak your Winter Park commercial roof can cause significant damage to the roof and surrounding structures. Given that there are many types of commercial roofing systems used for a variety of businesses, it is important to choose Winter Park commercial roof cleaning services that are capable of meeting the needs of your commercial building.

Types of Commercial Roofing Systems

One of the most popular commercial roofing systems is the PVC roofing membrane that is used on flat or sloped commercial roofing surfaces. This type of roof is usually found on large commercial buildings in Winter Park such as factories, shopping centers and stores, although it can be found on any type of large commercial structure. Given that this type of roofing system is rarely found on residential homes, it is important to find a Winter Park commercial roof cleaning company that has experience specifically with commercial structures. The sheer size of the roof alone merits a professional that specializes in large-scale roof cleaning who is familiar with common failure points of this roofing type so that any potential future problems can be avoided and so that the best possible maintenance plan can be created to suit your commercial needs. Hotels and resorts tend to have large roofing systems as well, but in most cases the roofing system on these types of buildings is more visible than other types of commercial roofing systems because they are designed to attract customers. Slate, tile, and wood shake systems are all common choices for resort-style buildings and they require specific cleaning procedures to ensure that the roof is not damaged during regular maintenance and to ensure that the job is done efficiently to avoid disturbing customers.

Required Equipment

Considering that many commercial roofing systems are visible from the ground and can even be a focal point to attract customers, having a clean, well-maintained roof is important for company and brand image. In order to maintain large roofing systems on any type of commercial building, having the right equipment for the job is paramount to a job well-done. Many types of commercial roofing systems require specific water pressures and chemicals in order to clean the surface effectively and without damage. If an inexperienced contractor were to use the wrong type of equipment or chemicals, there is a chance that the roof would actually be damaged as a result of an in-depth cleaning. Not to mention the fact that commercial equipment is capable of cleaning large areas, whereas other standard equipment will be much too slow for the average-sized commercial building. Another important factor when hiring a contractor is that professional Winter Park commercial roof cleaning companies are insured against various risks that are unavoidable when working on a roof. Professionals are also capable of keeping the risks they must face to a minimum as a result of having the right equipment to protect both their workers and the roof.


Experience is always a factor when hiring any type of professional. Of course, considering that commercial buildings such as malls and hotels are large and expensive structures, it is very important to choose a company based on their past experience and track record of excellent work. It is no small task to clean a large area effectively and safely, which is why asking about past projects is key when researching commercial roof cleaning companies. Certain roof cleaning companies will specialize in certain types of roofing materials, while others can handle nearly any type of commercial roofing system with ease. In many cases, the company that installs the roofing system is also qualified to maintain the roof as they are familiar with potential problem areas and the materials that have been used. Once a professional Winter Park commercial roof cleaning company is chosen, it is best to set up a recurring schedule for cleanings since hiring a new company every year means that the workers will be less familiar with your roof and may not be able to spot issues as readily as a regularly hired company.

Overall, hiring a professional to clean your commercial roof is an excellent decision towards having your company look its best to the public at all times and wil save money down the road since the roof will remain in top shape for years to come. Damaging moulds, debris and algae can all be removed before any serious damage can set in which truly improves both appearance and durability. Selecting a company with a successful track record in relation to large commercial buildings that has the right equipment for the job and proper insurance will be one of the best maintenance decisions for your business, regardless of your industry.

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