5 Things You Should Know About Roof Cleaning

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Roof cleaning is an important aspect of home maintenance that many homeowners tend to forget about or delay. In fact, some would argue that it the most important part of roof maintenance. It is truly the key to keeping your roof looking as great as the day it was first installed! In most cases, homeowners aren’t aware of the many benefits of roof cleaning or simply don’t realize how simply and easily they can hire someone to take care of it for them when time is an issue. There are a few key aspects that every homeowner should be aware of when seeking out this service. Below are just a few of the most important features of roof cleaning and what you should absolutely know about the process so that you can hire a qualified professional with total confidence.

Choosing the DIY Route is Not as Simple as it Seems

Many homeowners enjoy the hands-on aspects of owning property and maintaining it. Cutting the lawn and painting the shutters can be enjoyable in the right context. However, some maintenance jobs of a property involve much more work than one would expect. For example, most homeowners hire a roofing company when it comes to installing a new roof on their property because they feel that professionals will do a much better job in terms of quality and time will be saved. The same goes for roof cleaning. Although some chemicals and tools might be available to the general public, purchasing these items and attempting to tackle the cleaning of an entire roof alone is quite the undertaking. Many homeowners actually damage their roof unintentionally by using the wrong chemicals or by scraping away at shingles and tiles. It is always safer and more efficient to hire professionals who will use the right techniques and products to ensure that your roof is maintained in the best condition possible.

There are Two Roof Cleaning Methods

When professionals decide to clean a roof, they are able to choose between two methods. One of the methods is known as pressure washing, which uses pressurized water to eliminate mold, fungus and other debris from the roof surface. Most roof cleaners will use low pressure methods in order to preserve the integrity of asphalt shingles. A metal roof might benefit from higher pressure. The other method is to clean the roof using chemicals. When chemicals are used, it is very important that a professional completes the job since using the wrong chemicals or neglecting to rinse them away properly can cause problems.

Roof Algae Should Never be Ignored

Oftentimes, roof algae is not yet visible when roof cleaning becomes necessary. It starts to grow in places that cannot be seen from the ground, then spreads to other areas of your roof before you realize what is happening. It is usually best to have your roof cleaned often enough that roof algae doesn’t appear, but it is crucial that the roof is cleaned immediately once it does become visible. Left untreated, roof algae can severely damage your roofing materials and is capable of retaining moisture, which can lead to rot. Only removing the visible algae in patches on your own is not recommended since professionals can remove the algae safely and are able to keep it from coming back for as long as possible.

Roof Cleaning Needs to be a Regular Part of Maintenance

Roof cleaning is an extremely beneficial service to the health and integrity of your roof, but it is less effective if it isn’t completed on a regular basis. If mold and algae among other debris are given the chance to build up significantly before each cleaning, then the cleaning is much less useful that when cleanings are completed every six months to one year. The lifespan of any roof is drastically increased when mold and algae never have the chance to fully develop and cause damage. Also, roof cleaners can alert you to any problems with your roof before they become serious and costly.

A Clean Roof can Survive Stormy Weather

Another major benefit of having regular roof cleanings is that storms cause much less damage to a well-maintained roof than to a dirty or damaged roof. For example, if your roof has patches of algae growing, no matter how small, the shingles in that area are being broken down and are less strong than the surrounding clean shingles. In high winds or heavy rains, the shingles could actually break off or blow away. Once this happens, more significant repairs will become necessary.

Overall, roof cleaning is the best available option to keep your roof strong, healthy, and in good shape for many years to come. When hiring a professional, you won’t have to worry about which techniques to use or how long it could take to remove dirt and debris from your home. Doing the job yourself can cause damage and requires a large time commitment, which most people don’t have. Adding roof cleaning to the regular maintenance schedule of your home is the easiest and most beneficial solution to make sure that your roof isn’t damaged and won’t become damaged unnecessarily over time.

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